UX Design Bootcamps: Are they really worth it?

UX Design Bootcamps: Are they really worth it?

The field of user experience is still relatively new when compared to other disciplines but technology has caused it to explode. Along with that explosion in technology has come excellent job growth due to educational opportunities becoming much more accessible. Many millennials (the author included) are still disillusioned with the lack of opportunities from “just getting a degree”. The world has changed and yes, we have to adapt because the opportunities really do exist. We just have to create them! UX Design provides that opportunity.

In the video above, a famous youtuber chunbuns gives her take on UX bootcamps that’s highly informative!

Your Background and Goals


If you have formal training or a degree in Human-Computer Interaction, User Experience, or some other design-related degree that will transform you into a user experience specialist… then you can safely skip this article. You won’t be needing a bootcamp. You’ll need to create a portfolio however but you most likely created one already in your program 🙂


For the rest of us, a boot camp will be especially helpful if one studied in a related discipline such as psychology, graphic design, computer science, etc. A UX Design bootcamp will enhance the skills that you have and give you an idea of what skills you need to land a UX design job. If you didn’t study in a related field, don’t give up hope. Plenty of people have become UX Designers from all walks of life and various disciplines. “Are UX Design Bootcamps Worth It?”, authored by Nina Gannes reported that early career students benefited more than later career students in an informal survey of General Assembly boot camp attendees.

General Assembly UX Design Bootcamp Genders and Graduation Ages

UX Design Bootcamps: Cohort Gender/Graduation Ages

The great news, most graduates found jobs in the field of user experience!

General Assembly UX Design Bootcamp: Job Search Results
General Assembly UX Design Bootcamp: Job Search Results


Although bootcamps are great, simply relying on just a bootcamp will not prepare you enough for a job. It should NOT be your only education in the world of UX and UI but it WILL give you a great foundation. The requirements for each UX-related job role, industry, etc. can vary greatly. Reading books on design, finding a mentor, keeping up with trends, working on additional projects and adding to your portfolio, etc. will give you an edge over other job candidates and just overall prepare you.

How Bootcamps are helpful

Bootcamps will be helpful if you:

  • Are exploring the UX/UI field and want to get a feel for the type of work that it entails
  • Want to become well-rounded in your skill set and have experience in a related degree
  • Are looking into specializing in a certain area of UX whether its Design Thinking, User Research, etc.

What to look for in a program

Key factors in a UX bootcamp program:

Curriculum: Do the topics and project exercises align with your goals?

Time Commitment: Is the program compatible with your schedule? Courses can be a few hours a week for 6–8 weeks or even longer.

Reputation: Is the boot camp taught by reputable staff that have experience in their field? Will their name on your resume add clout when potential employers view it?

End Result: Is there a certificate offered when you successfully complete the program? Are there quizzes or exams offered to ensure that you understand the material?

Springboard UX Design Bootcamp

I personally chose the Springboard UX Design Skill Track (Affiliate Link) because it was a cost-effective way for me to study. It costs $499 a month so for those that are confident in their ability to learn quickly you can have substantial cost savings as other programs can cost thousands of dollars. So far I’m super satisfied because the curriculum was structured to where I didn’t go “down the rabbit hole” of studying one thing too much… which is what happened when I tried to “self-study” with udemy courses.

The greatest asset of this Bootcamp is that you get paired with a mentor that will answer any questions that you have regarding UX. My mentor has been instrumental in my understanding of UX Design and she’s been awesome!

Check out my Springboard UX Design Bootcamp Review: Click Here

Other Popular Bootcamps to check out

There are various bootcamps to check out. Please review them to find out which one aligns with your needs:


Locations: Miami, Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Berlin, Munich, Amsterdam, Mexico City, Lisbon, Bogotá, and São Paulo.

Flatiron School

Locations: NYC, Houston, Online, Washington, D.C., London, Seattle, Atlanta, Denver, Chicago, and Dallas.


Location: Online


Location: Online

After the Bootcamp

Don’t just end it there. Don’t just rely on a bootcamp! Continue your studies and follow the tips mentioned above under “Goals” to give yourself the best chance possible for changing your life! Good luck!!