The Best Remote Work for Beginners

The Best Remote Work for Beginners

Ever wanted to dabble in remote work? Like many of you, before I worked remotely in UX Research I tried a ton of things to make money online… and was unsuccessful. Janky survey sites was one of the things that I regret trying out most. So if you’re stuck at home right now and REALLY want to earn an income, then you’ll want to read ahead and check out the best remote work for beginners. These are entry-level remote work gigs that many of you can actually do within a few days or weeks if you really wanted to!

Virtual Office Assistant

Being a Virtual Office Assistant is a great start for working remotely.
Being a Virtual Office Assistant is a great start for working remotely.

While it’s not super glamorous and it involves performing menial tasks, this is a great way to break into remote work. The work that you do will depend on the employer that hires you. You could do tasks like organizing documents, answer e-mails, scheduling, etc. If you already had experience in an in-office setting, even better! Your pay will be much higher than someone that has little to no experience. You can find Virtual Assistant jobs on Upwork, Byron, and Assistant Match and make somewhere between $16-$26 per hour.

Data Entry Specialist

Next up on our list of the Best Work for Beginners is doing Data Entry! You’ll be expected to transcribe audio, and do repetitive tasks like type information in this job. Your speed and accuracy may be tested for jobs in this arena and they are highly valued. Although data entry may be simple, it will require a period of time to get used to. You’ll need to be able to type accurately and quickly so it’s important to be as efficient as possible. You can get a data entry job through Upwork and Birch Creek Communications. It’s a pretty easy gig but keep in mind that the pay is not as great as the other jobs listed here. You can be paid anywhere between $1-$15 per hour.

Content Writer

If you’re a talented writer there are plenty of writing gigs for you to choose from. Creative writing, journalism, etc. are all skills that are a plus. In this type of remote work you’ll be writing blog posts, magazine articles, reviews, etc. Content writers are often paid by the number of words or articles that they produce but regular work can be expected. As you get experience it’s possible to become a copywriter or editor. You can get a Content Writer remote work through Textbroker, Upwork, etc. Even better is starting your own blog! The pay for this kind of work can vary between $15-$45 per hour as a technical writer. As a blogger, the possibilities are endless!

Language Teacher

If you have a lot of patience, empathy, and have a good command of one or more languages then this could be an amazing opportunity for you. There are various websites that will allow you to teach a language from the comfort of your home. The majority of the jobs out there are for school children but there is a market for adult language learners too. VIPKID, Qkids, and 51Talk will have you teaching young Chinese students using standardized materials. You don’t have to worry about developing your own teaching material and an itinerary is usually provided. For younger students, you’ll be expected to engage with them using simple conversations. When it comes to adults, the expectations can vary from just practicing the language to a more in-depth study like improving habitual pronunciation and grammar mistakes. You can make anywhere from $10-$26 per hour depending on your experience, education, and in some cases, your popularity!


Know more than 1 language? Then being a translator may be right for you!
Know more than 1 language? Then being a translator may be right for you!

For those of us that had our parents force us into a second language while growing up this job would qualify as one of the best remote work for beginners. If you have a strong command of at least two languages, that is, you’re good at speech, grammar, slang, and writing….then you’re golden! You almost always need to learn at least English for one of the languages. For European languages German or French is in high demand while for Asian languages Japanese and Chinese seem to be in high demand. Of course, there are other languages that offer opportunities too! Upwork and Global Lingo offer opportunities with pay between $7-$80 per hour depending on your skill, education, and experience.

Fitness & Health Coach

If you have a degree in a health sciences field like nutrition, sports science, etc. then this job is a great choice! As a home-based health coach, you’ll help your clients with their diet and exercise regimens as well as devise wellness programs. For those who are behavioral specialists, there are health websites like Vida or insurance companies like Cigna that hire home-based health coaches and pair them up with clients. If you’re more ambitious, you can become an entrepreneur and create your own blog. From there you can create a video series for your clients to purchase and take on personal clients. The pay for this kind of work can vary between $15-$30 per hour on average. If you have certifications, experience, and higher education you may be able to charge more!

Lifestyle Coach

You can be a coach and provide counseling services in a variety of fields such as finance, relationships, business, religion, etc. The challenge with starting out as a Lifestyle Coach is having social proof. It’s one thing to say that you can change someone’s life. It’s another to have many people support you through testimonials as proof of the outstanding work that you do. You can improve your skills by attending seminars, conducting workshops, blogging, etc. Your pay can vary greatly as you can charge however much as the market will allow you.

Social Media Manager

I think being a Social Media Manager is the Best Remote Work for Beginners.
I think being a Social Media Manager is the Best Remote Work for Beginners.

For younger or tech-savvy people you may already know the ins and outs of social media. Did you know that you could be paid to manage someone else’s social media accounts? There are plenty of companies out there that are willing to pay someone to take care of their accounts to expand their reach and influence! You don’t even need a degree to qualify in many cases. As a Social Media Manager you’ll update social media pages, respond to comments or complaints, and drive traffic to your client’s website. You’ll need excellent customer service skills, impeccable grammar, time management, and an eye for trending topics. You can freelance and charge between $15-$200 per hour. There are courses where you can learn how to become a Social Media Manager through Hootsuite Academy and tools like Constant Contact. Among the choices listed, this is probably my favorite best remote work for beginners because you can start without a degree.

Audio Book Narrator

If you have access to a quiet room, a mic, and have an amazing voice then being an audiobook narrator may be the remote work gig for you! You’ll need a solid understanding of the different kinds of narration, good communication skills, and most of all stamina. If you decide to narrate audio books on ACX you can expect to be responsible for delivering 8,12,16 hours of audiobook work at a time to a publisher or producer. It’s a huge responsibility that shouldn’t be taken lightly! As a new narrator, your pay can vary between no pay to as much as $50 per audio hour for small publishers. Medium-size and large-size publishers can pay between $100 to $350 per hour!

Did You Learn About the Best Remote Work For Beginners?

It will still take hard work and dedication to decide which best remote work for beginners is right for you. You may have to take a course or two on Skill Share, but many of these jobs do not require a degree. You’ll just need the ability to do a great job for your clients. By investing in yourself and building up your value, you can also charge a bit more for your services as time goes on. These are all legitimate remote work gigs that most of you can pick up. Good luck!