Publisher Rocket Review

Publisher Rocket Review

Publisher Rocket is super useful!

Formerly known as KDP Rocket, Publisher Rocket is the latest iteration of that software. For those using KDP Rocket 1.0, they can simply upgrade to Publisher Rocket for free by contacting Rocket Support. Publisher Rocket is a one-time purchase as of August 10, 2019 but that may change in the future as there are plans to make it a subscription based software sometime in the future.

Continuous upgrades to stay relevant

Below is a timeline of KDP Rocket’s evolution into Publisher Rocket 2.0

July 2016: KDP Rocket launched with only 2 features: Keyword & Competition
December 2016: The application was overhauled to increase its speed and accuracy
June 2017: AMS Keyword Feature was added to help authors build Amazon book ads effectively and efficiently.
November 2017: Unleash the Categories capability was added to the Competition Feature
March 2018: Category Feature was added to help authors find bestselling categories efficiently.
May 2019: Publisher Rocket Version 2.0 was launched with exciting new features such as Book Data, new user interface, better speed, and more
July 2019: Additional improvements to 2.0 as well as additions to the category feature. More features are coming!

How did Publisher Rocket Help Me?

In just a few days I saw a huge sales increase! Before I used Publisher Rocket, I made around $30-$80 a month (Including Audiobooks). My keywords were not really optimized and my AMS ads were kinda expensive. I manually found keywords by going to and trying to decipher the phrases that came up when I typed in keywords that “I thought” would help. It took me a long time to find keywords that I thought were “Ok”.

When I used Publisher Rocket, I was able to do things that I couldn’t do before. I’ll describe the process below using an idea: “Affiliate Marketing”.

Publisher Rocket Main Screen
Publisher Rocket Main Screen

1. Keyword Search

Say I wanted to find the 7 keywords for my hypothetical book. I would input “Affiliate Marketing” into the keyword search. You can search for a list of related keywords for either an e-book or “Book” (Paperback).

The information given was simply amazing! By clicking on the “Competition” button it returned so many useful results. I could see the number of competitors for keywords, the average monthly earnings for the top books that ranked for each keyword, Google Searches/Month (N/A in this example), Estimated Amazon searches for that keyword per month, and a Competitive Score (Lower the Better). I chose keywords that had low competition, good potential for monthly earnings, and as few competitors as I could. This would have been impossible without this keyword tool!

2. Competition Analyzer

I actually didn’t use the competition analyzer since all of my e-books are currently made. But for future books, this tool is great for analyzing the competition. By analyzing the highest earning books I could determine which type of book is selling or find a niche that has the greatest potential for success!

3. Category Search

An amazing feature of Publisher Rocket is finding categories for your keyword. I was able to find additional categories for my ebooks. This feature allows you to find certain categories that will be easier to rank in.

4. AMS Keyword Search

AMS Keyword search allowed me to find the necessary amount of keywords for my AMS campaigns. Having 7 keywords for your ebooks allows Amazon visitors to find your books organically, but to make a large amount of sales you must use AMS advertisement campaigns. Publisher Rocket conveniently allows you to export keywords into an excel file. Plug those keywords into your advertising campaign. Monitor which keywords convert into sales and remove ones that don’t perform well as time goes on. I started a campaign on August 8, 2019 and on August 10 I made 4 sales in one day! 3 sales were organic and 1 was from ads! For my ads, on August 10th I spent $.43 to make a $2.99 sale. Of which I get to keep roughly $2. So my ACOS (Advertising Cost of Sale) was 14.38%. MUCH BETTER than my previous campaigns!

But to clarify it even more, that was my total spend for all of my campaigns combined. For the specific sale, I only spent a whopping $.03 with an ACOS of 1.00%! $.13 spent so far with an ACOS of 4.348% on the specific book campaign!

Publisher Rocket is a great tool

I believe with my optimized listings and AMS advertisement campaigns that I will make more profits to create more high quality books in the niches that I chose. I’m excited to see where this all goes! I highly recommend Publisher Rocket!

Publisher Rocket Affiliate Link: Click Here

AMS Course: Free Course that teaches you how to find keywords for Amazon advertising campaigns: Click Here

Disclaimer: These results are my own and worked for me but I cannot guarantee that you can achieve the same results.

October 2019: Optimized Campaigns

Optimized my previous campaigns and came out positive with a much lower overall* 15.6% ACOS! Forindividual campaigns, it was much lower with the lowest ACOS being 0.31%!!! Publisher Rocket allowed me to spend $.05 and make a $15.99 sale!

2022 Update: This post was made on a previous web property I owned. I intend to use this tool when I release new e-books in the future to maximize my profit potential.