How To Start a Blog Guide

How To Start a Blog Guide

What If I told you how to make money blogging with the possibility to earn around $4,000+ a month? You might shake your head in disbelief and think that it’s impossible. Through my research, I’ve come across a template to do just that promoted by some very successfu online gurus that I’d like to share with you. You don’t have to spend $499-$999 for a “Masterclass” on Blogging. You just have to put considerable effort and believe in yourself to get this done!

The Project24 plan has been proven to be successful by many bloggers, including Ricky and Jim. They have earned considerable amounts of money through blogging because they know what it takes: a 60-step approach in creating your niche site that will turn passive income into something profitable for you. Real examples of how all these steps were applied successfully can be seen in the video below:

Results may vary but if anyone works hard enough this goal is achievable!

Reasons to be a Professional Blogger

It’s easy: You can transform your passion for writing into something that you enjoy and make money from. Blogging requires little to no investment, so if you want a career change without taking on too much risk it may be the perfect opportunity for you! Unlike other entrepreneurial ventures, blogging won’t hurt your personal savings account because there is very little chance of failure or loss in profit with persistent quality content.

What is a blogger?

For those that are looking to share their thoughts and ideas with the world, blogging is a web-based way of doing so. Blogging has become easier than ever before due to new technology which allows for content creation without any prior knowledge of HTML or programming languages such as PHP.

Blogger Checklist

  • Choose a Topic
  • Make a Website
  • Publish Great Content
  • Send Traffic to Your Website
  • Monetize Your Readership

How to Make Money Blogging Infographic

How To Make Money Blogging Guide: Quarter 1 (First 3 Months)

The first three months of your how to make money blogging journey will be the most difficult, but it’s important that you persevere through them. You’ll want to write 150 blog posts by month three and each should have roughly 1700 words written for a total word count over 300,000! Quality is key though so don’t forget about ensuring quality even if quantity matters more at this point in time. It can take 2 blogs every single day just to get up close with our goal number of 150 posts during these next few months- are you willing?

How To Make Money Blogging Guide: Quarter 2 (3 Months)

By now you’ve written 150 posts and it’s time to think about monetizing those blog posts. Affiliate links are a way for your readers to buy the products they love, and in return, you get money from each purchase! I recommend Digital Products as typically commissions can be higher than physical ones.

How To Make Money Blogging Guide: Phase 3 (3 Months)

In this phase, you’re going to want to start making an informational/digital product. This could be an ebook, video course, app, or website and can take time but is a great way for your audience to learn more about your work without having them buy something right away on impulse. Use this opportunity while they are still viewing content from previous phases in order that they may gradually become invested in the topic of interest that has been presented so far!

How To Make Money Blogging Guide: Quarter 4 (3 Months)

The best part of blogging is when you launch your informational product! In this phase, it’s time to use all the work and experience from year 1. You’ve worked hard building up an audience of people who want what you have in store for them: information that will make their lives better or solve a problem they might be struggling with. Now it’s probably just about aiming not only at getting new readers but also convincing some old ones to buy into your ideas more heavily than before if they haven’t already.

Once you win them over by providing value, you have now created an army of cheerleaders who are going to tell everyone they know about your product. This is one way that word-of-mouth marketing really works.

This changes everything!

Enjoy the fruits of your labor!

Congratulations, you’ve made it! You are now a proud owner of your very own successful online business. One year from today if all goes well and you have done everything right then perhaps you can be receiving thousands of visitors each month with an estimated $4,000 monthly income that will come in the form of Ad Revenue ($1,500), Affiliate Product Sales (upwards around $1,250), and finally sales for any informational products created as part of this process. Keep making content on your blog posts so as not to lose momentum or relevance within the niche market. Results aren’t guaranteed, but this post will give you a fighting chance to become empowered to realize your financial empowerment dreams!