Designing a Website | WordPress Tutorial

Designing a Website | WordPress Tutorial

Why WordPress

WordPress is a very popular tool for building a website. It is a Free* Content Management System that can be used to build a website. I must emphasize once more that it’s FREE! It’s so popular in fact, that over 32% of all internet websites are made with WordPress. It’s completely open-source so it is open to anyone. Developers are constantly adding new features and making security improvements so that you can focus completely on your business. There’s no hidden fees to use it. All you need is a web host and a domain!

Best Web hosting in North America: Vultr

If you’re in need of a web host and need to design a website, I highly recommend Vultr (Affiliate Link).

They are much faster than EIG owned servers like those on Bluehost. Vultr uses VPS servers that use blazing fast SSD drives. You have to have some technical skills to set them up or you can outsource help on Upwork or Fiverr (Affiliate Link with 10% off your first purchase!). You’ll want to hire a web developer.

When you start designing a website be sure to pay attention to optimizing your SEO to rank higher in search results!

WordPress Themes

Don’t know how to code a website? It’s not an issue! WordPress saves you hours and money through the use of “Themes”. There are both Free and Paid themes available to design your website. Envato Market offers the perfect variety of themes with amazing designs that will match any kind of website.

WordPress Theme Installation

So you’ve just bought a theme. How do you install it? wpbeginner has many WordPress tutorials and their Beginners Guide: How to Install a WordPress Theme that will give you step-by-step instructions to get you started! In fact, Swanky Finance utilizes a WordPress theme to function.

WordPress Plugins

Although WordPress by itself is capable you may want to add additional features to your site. Thankfully, many themes come with additional plugins pre-installed to save you the guesswork of what to install. wpbeginner has a How to Install a WordPress Plugin — Step by Step for Beginners Guide that will assist you in installing additional plugins. There are many plugins out there that can add various features to your website like social media icons to share blog posts, image optimizers to reduce the file size of your images to improve site speed, and so much more!

If you’re a fellow aspiring entrepreneur, establishing a brand presence through a company website is a great start to achieving your dreams of financial independence! This blog post hopefully gave you a push to start designing a website.

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Good luck!