Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing: 7 Reasons to start!

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing: 7 Reasons to start!

Many people dream of writing a book but struggle to start because they don’t know the reasons for doing so. Self-doubt is one reason why people don’t even start to try. Just try! The power of writing will enable you to share your message with the world.

You can impact others

It’s unmeasurable the impact that books can have on others. Do you remember reading a book that made you feel a certain way? Beloved characters taught us lessons that even people we knew in-person haven’t!

Elon Musk, one of the greatest entrepreneurs is a certified bookworm. He immersed himself in sci-fi novels for more than 10 hours a day. If it weren’t for books, we may not have had SpaceX or Tesla today.

Nowadays, it’s so easy to publish a book! The platform that I recommend is Amazon KDP (Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing). Let’s first start with the 7 reasons why you should start writing a book!

Self-Publishing a book is easier than ever!
Self-Publishing a book is easier than ever!

1. Books are a platform to share your story

Everybody has an interesting story to share that shows where they are from, where they are now, and where they are going. Everyone has a life story filled with colorful characters and lessons to learn.

Readers love to hear stories of various kinds. From your first love to overcoming obstacles that they themselves have experienced. There’s a story that can really resonate with a reader out there!

2. You can make Passive Income with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

The barriers to entry to make Passive Income have been broken with the advent of the internet.  You no longer have to send your work to publishers and cross your fingers! With Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, you can send your manuscript and book cover to Amazon and let them handle the sales for you.  Using tools like Publisher Rocket can give you an edge over the competition when you create internet ads to increase sales.

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By writing a book and putting it on Amazon, you have an online platform with millions of people waiting to read your story. There has never been a better time to get started.

On Amazon, the average ebook will sell for $2.99, of which you’ll make around 70% which is $2. Imagine your book becoming popular and making multiple sales a day/week! Extra income while you sleep is always a good thing! Kindle Amazon Direct Publishing is a godsend ?

3. You become the Expert!

By writing a book, you position yourself as an expert in your niche. You build credibility by putting your name on your work. As an expert, you’ll be able to reach the minds of many and you’ll be able to teach things that they’ve otherwise wouldn’t have known. In doing so, you’ll provide value by solving their problems and become looked at as a credible person that aims to help others.

“What better way to show our competency by putting our reputation on the line and putting our names on a book that we ourselves created?”

4. Sense of Accomplishment

As humans we have a need to feel competent. What better way to show our competency by putting our reputation on the line and putting our names on a book that we ourselves created?

By writing a book, we can feel accomplished in calling ourselves “Authors”. It’s an amazing feeling. Check that off your “To Do List”!

5. You become a better Reader

The best writers are the best readers. Popular books are often written from inspiration gained by studying other books that others have already written. Like art, the more you write the better of an author you’ll become!

6. Growth from challenging yourself

Challenging yourself is the only way to grow. You have to step outside of your comfort zone and do the things that scare you in order to achieve great things. It will take a lot of self-discipline to grow and your sheer willpower to succeed will enable you to do so. “Whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!”

7. You can make an Impact!

The World Economic Forum released a list of 9 novels that changed the world on World Book Day which is observed in over 100 countries around the world.

One of those books is called “The Jungle”, by Upton Sinclair. In it he details the harsh working conditions, extreme poverty, and exploitation faced by many immigrants laborers in Chicago’s meat-packing industry. It sparked a public outcry over food hygiene and is considered one of the most politically influential American novels of the last century.

So what are you waiting for? Start writing today and make your own impact on the world!