4 Benefits of Posting Quality Articles

4 Benefits of Posting Quality Articles

4 Benefits of Posting Quality Articles will be given below!

Have you recently started a business website? Have you added a blog to your website to increase organic traffic? Are you confused about whether or not a blog will help your business?

When it comes to content marketing, there is no doubt that there are benefits of posting quality articles. It is the best and most reliable type of marketing strategy that you can implement. There’s a reason why experts in marketing say that “Content is King”.

1. Attracts More Visitors Organically

When you start uploading content that provides value to your customers you’ll be able to attract more visitors. Your customers are just waiting to know about you and your business. By providing content that’s valuable to them they will find your site interesting and will recommend your site to their friends and family. If you don’t provide relatable content then it will be difficult for visitors to stay on your website for very long. First impressions are super important!

2. Higher Search Engine Rankings

Another one of the benefits of posting quality articles is that you can maintain a 1st page ranking on popular search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. There are three ways to accomplish this:

  1. Add SEO keywords and optimize your content to ensure that you will get a higher-ranked blog article.
  2. Create high-quality content that provides value to visitors. This will make your blog post preferred by search engines.
  3. High engagement such as customers and visitors leaving positive comments on your blog articles, social shares, etc. will help your site maintain its ranking.

The fastest way to increasing your search engine ranking is to upload great content. It may take months to rank an article so don’t expect your website to get organic traffic right away. It will take time to get backlinks. You can upload articles on a daily basis and each article can potentially bring tons of visitors to your site each month. As always though, focus on quality not quantity.

3. Builds Trust and Credibility

Out of 1.7 billion websites in the world, there are 500 million blogs with over 2 million blogs posted daily. This means that the competition for blogging is increasing more and more. In a sea of blog articles it’s tougher to gain the trust of customers and increase the credibility of your business. How can you over come this? You can overcome this by writing high-quality blog articles. Providing informative content that is helpful to your customers will develop trust in your business and your brand. They’ll refer more visitors to your website which will increase online traffic. This increase in traffic will signal to search engines that your website provides reliable information. As online traffic grows your social signals will increase as people share your blog articles. Over time you’ll be able to be on the first page of search results if you content is outstanding and better than your competition.

4. Increase Your Sales and Revenue

The biggest benefit of posting quality articles is that once you have a high search ranking for your website, your sales and revenue will automatically increase. It’s totally possible to potentially make a few hundred to even thousands of dollars a month. Good luck!